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A woman riding a bicycle benefits
Nov 28, 2016

True, the woman on the bike was true, never need makeup when you step onto a bicycle, helmet, hand mirror, when you put on a headscarf, no one can see you up as a fairy. Second, peace of mind, the woman on the bike in the spirit and willpower stronger than the average woman, go out riding in particular those long haul, carrying dozens of pounds a heavy bag, you don't have to worry about her, she would not play in front of you. Third, preserve, bike exercise great can save medical expenditure on health and weight loss. Four, saving money. the five, the Liberal, the woman on the bike more grateful to my husband for their own free space, if you go out and take part in outdoor activities, my husband is a free man, you can always call friends, drink cards, need not worry about being scolded. Women riding men should be proud, it motivates men more motivated.

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