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Bike riding skills
Nov 28, 2016

Bike riding skills: 1, purchase of bicycles should be the first thing to note is that the bicycle frame, the frame is like a human skeleton, it is important, only the frame can be fitted with other parts, the frame of quality is the most important. 2, part, and only with good performance of this condition, this bike ride will be lightweight and comfortable and safe. 3, buy cars according to their need to buy, if just to go to school, go to work, to buy food just to be lightweight and simple to. If you want to exercise the best buy variable speed mountain bike. At present, some elite athletes mostly freestyle pedalling. This method of pedalling, is the foot in the rotation in the course of a week, according to the different parts of ankle joint angle is changed. Freestyle pedalling, in line with the principles of mechanics, force direction with pedal rotation when formed by the tangent of the Circle line, reducing the range of motion of knee and thigh, will help improve pedalling frequency and naturally through the critical zone, reduce dead spots.