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Encounter in cycling need brakes how to handle
Nov 28, 2016

Correct posture is back as far as possible from the waist and straight arms. Elbow bent, we will create forward movement of the body, when the center of gravity will be unstable. Should maintain stable feet step on pedal to maintain balance, rather than left and right tilt shift the center of gravity. 1. brakes front will create a powerful force for powerful stopping resistance force, every effort should be made before the brakes are brakes. If the same force front and rear brakes, rear wheel easily will be locked and the braking distance will be longer. 2. waist to prevent as far as possible forward over the front brake handle pressure may well be doubled before the car accident. But if the brake at the same time position the center of gravity of the body moves backward to prevent cars and people, can also increase the rear wheel and the friction of the ground, not prone to locking the wheels.