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Mountain road slowed to start
Nov 28, 2016

As long as you rode a bicycle, certainly tried some hurtling down the slopes that are "smooth" feeling. This is the most original of the DOWNHILL (Alpine downhill, DH for short) campaigns. DH as an extreme sport known to stimulate, has flourished in some European and American countries for a long time. The reason is simple – challenging. Imagine driving a bicycle 50-80 kilometers per hour and even higher speeds in the complex and changing rapidly downhill on a mountain road, the thrill factor is not better than F-1 drivers drove the car at 200-300 miles per hour, close to the aircraft's speed on the track "fly" stimulus. But a lot of players believe that DH movement give them extreme pleasure pleasure are those who rely on the mechanisms of machinery, such as formula one racing, motorcycle racing, can not be compared.