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Bikes For The World's Largest
Nov 28, 2016

First bike, the earliest bikes designed around 1793, completed by the French xifulake. When the bike is far from perfect. Largest bicycle, on June 4, 1989, United States daifu·moer of manufacturing a bicycle is 3.4 meters high, wheel diameter of 3.05 metres. If the wheel diameter is, which is the world's largest bicycle. The longest bicycle, on February 27, 1988, New Zealand tanli·saisiman designed and built a bike 22.24 m long, made up of 4 to ride. The most expensive bike, Arumania from Northern Europe to launch one of the world's most expensive bicycle, use 600 Swarovski crystals, body plated with pure gold (pure gold refers to the 24K, which means that its value is 100%), price EUR 117000.