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Die Flying Skills
Nov 28, 2016

Tips: bars, front wheel direction of 45 ° to the front and crank level with shank control pedal around the balance of power. (10 minutes for successful skilled). let go, according to the program, control the balance hand upper body relaxed and rely on the feet before and after equilibrium is reached. MID SKID (brakes), this action is, people can leave the seat a little bit, and then use the dog's mouth, before pulling after stepping on, rear wheel anti-lock (later when stepped on, towards the direction of frame step). SKID brace levels when the former was stepped on after, the body as far as possible to the front of the handlebars, the more forward of the body more easily. (The inertia of the force of the foot support foot) LONG SKID, this action is, with hands straight grip, belly close to the handlebar, leaning forward, legs straight, 45 ° with the ground when two feet, hind feet step on down feeling. TRANS-brake, when you ride at speed, step on the foot in the highest point down to a crank, and other rapid-span, step on the foot pedal just a reincarnation, and resisted it.