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Mountain Bike
Nov 28, 2016

Mountain bike, the English name "mountainbike", abbreviated to MTB. Originated in United States, is a United States youth for stimulus, in motor racing venue for cross-country driving a bike tricks competition on which models have been developed. Mountain car, has stiffness big, walking flexible, features, riding row without select road, regardless of streets roaming also is leisure travel are get has widely of praise, bike who can in various road environment Shang enjoy to enjoy with one years, Gary Fisher and he of friends are no fear death of "Tower Malpas mountain of line" for new riding line style of birth paved the has road. Gary Fisher in mountainous areas caused a buzz his Klunker is Mountain Bike Action magazine as "top ten mountain bike history." 1976 Charlie Kelly started promoting the new downhill, this was the first great mountain biking activities.