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Purchase Of Common Sense (a)
Nov 28, 2016

Part of the frame is first to decide to buy a car, many parts of the purchase must fit the frame designs to choose. Basic size and material of the purchase consideration. After you select the frame, and must pay attention to three of the following specifications: Head parts (Headset) diameter seat post (Seatpost) in diameter, and BB headset (Bottom Bracket) thread size and diameter. Buy all three parts must be reference frame specifications to buy! front forks with frame attached, notably if you need to install the front brakes, don't forget to buy the drill brake mounting holes. Also worth noting are two kinds of front fork design, different design affects the following cartridge headset (Headset) and vertical (Stem) to buy. Front fork into threaded (Threaded) and non-threaded (Threadless) of two kinds: threaded fork above have no protruding parts, and thread used to Head parts and fixed.