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Purchase Of Common Sense (b)
Nov 28, 2016

1 front wheel axle Front Hub, relative to the rear wheel, front wheel needs to withstand the torque is not so big, so the wheel choice is relatively a lot more, in addition to the flange (Flange) outside the high and low limit (High flange, Low flange), most can choose fewer spokes of the wheel axle. And colors can match the body color combination, certain noble brand will launch a variety of customized axle group. 2 wheel Rim, wheel selection elements in addition to the specification of the correct as well as outside the firm, more important is actually pretty ... First of all the spokes of the wheels and axles must be the same (for example axle 32 spokes, rims will buy 32 spokes), as to a substantial extent depends on the brand of different wheels design and materials, pressure on the front wheel as quite small, substantial requirement of the wheels is not that high. Finally, and most important, is the shape and color of the wheels. Some brands of wheels offers a variety of color choices.