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Shock Absorbing Mountain Bikes
Nov 28, 2016

First mountain bike shock absorbers into purposes, mainly to meet the shock of downhill race. Latest full shock absorbing mountain bikes are based on solid, comfortable manufactured by these conditions, riding in the car will not feel tired all day, so that the shock absorbing mountain bikes are the most comfortable mountain bike. Shock downhill mountain bike has not limited to special, except it is, if this is for downhill mountain bike special, other than the shock, all of its parts are designed specifically to adapt to the downhill, the strong impact, so it would weigh more than a general damping for off-road mountain bike weighs about 10 pounds (4-5kg). On the premise of seeking comfort, shock absorbing mountain bikes would you choose to participate in any kind of activity, but there is one thing you have to remember that, for added shock absorbers, by professional cross-country mountain bike riding, choose lightweight to get the victory, and have access to more efficient equipment.