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Tourism Mountain Bike Folding
Nov 28, 2016

Take scenic riding mountain bikes in a foreign tour, the first thing to note is the body material choice, because no matter when you travel around the world, if the body is on the blink, after welding repair of material-steel, steel body is the most suitable for tourist mountain bike. Rugged components is one of the necessary conditions, light components are not suitable for the installation of luggage, backpack or travel accessories, more so in the case of travel usually ride time, relatively long distance, endurance is the most important. Another important preparation before the travel is to carefully inspect the wheel assembly. If there is no way to order a new wheel set, it is necessary to get a good mountain bike as a whole car to inspect the renovations, flywheel check it again, and replaced with new tires and inner tubes, so as not to be anchored in the exotic wilds of bitterness.